As long as I can remember I have loved designing. One day I started to make earrings. And from that moment on I could not withhold myself from constantly making different pairs of earrings.
With every earring I make I surrender to life’s flow and the present moment. My earrings come to existence just by the flow of my hands, by a vision, or by sheer chance. It is as if the magician within me awakens and transforms little sparks of magic into earrings.

I use brass and gems as material. I love brass because of its warm colour and its density. Working with natural stones that have come into existence over million years, feels like magic itself...Most people call my earrings ‘fine’ and ‘elegant’. At the same time they are minimalistic and unique, as I never make the same pair of earrings twice.

I hope you will enjoy every moment you wear them ...

Eylem Aktepe