I only design earrings … I relate my earrings to flowers with their diverse and unique essence. There are a thousand kinds of beatiful flowers in nature. And each flower of each variety is different from each other… I feel that I am honoring the diversity and uniqueness of nature by making earrings that are all different from each other.

I gave my earrings the name of a magician believing that we are all a magician inside. Our real self, our essence is a magician who can generate abundantly. A magician who is always there but forgotten. By wearing my earrings, I wish that every woman come closer to her own inner magician, inner self…

Merlin Earrings are made of brass/18k gold plated brass/silver and gemstones/glass beads. Every pair of earrings are uniquely designed and handcrafted by me in my workshop in Amsterdam..

Most people call my earrings ‘fine’ and ‘elegant’. At the same time they are unique, as I never make the same pair of earrings twice.

I hope you will enjoy every moment you wear them ...

Eylem Aktepe