Materials & Care

Merlin Earrings are generally 18 k gold plated, but in some stores you will find brass ones.



Gold plating is a process where a thin layer of gold is placed on the surface of a different material. As it is a thin layer of gold, extra care should be taken to maximize its lifespan.

Tips on caring for your gold plated jewelry:

- Do not spray on perfume or other sprays while wearing your gold plated jewelry.  Put on your plated jewelry after you have applied lotion or put on makeup.

- Every after use, clean your plated jewelry with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt it has acquired.

Remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing and exercising.

- To avoid scratches, wrap your jewelry in a soft cloth after cleaning or keep it in a jewelry box separate from other types of jewelry you have.


Brass is a metal alloy of copper and zinc. Known for its durability and workability, brass has been used for centuries — the first example of brass jewelry dates from ancient Rome. Aside from how good it looks, brass is sustainable. Today almost 90% of all brass in the world is recycled.

Tips on caring for your brass jewelry:

- Store your earrings in a plastic bag or a glass jar away from air, natural sunlight and heat. Brass don't mix well with moisture. Avoid contact with water, lotion and perfume.

- Since I don’t use plating over a base metal, the earrings are easy to clean, and you don’t need to worry about the color wearing off. Since brass is a natural alloy it will gradually patina over time with exposure to oxygen and moisture. If you prefer a bright sheen, this effect can be removed with a quick polish. The brass earrings can be cleaned using ingredients you may already have at home, lemon juice, baking soda or vinegar. Rub onto surface with a cloth or toothbrush, then rinse off. You may also use the green side of a sponge with a little soap and just rub, it will shine !